NKCL Bio Group Inc. leads platform construction market by utilizing medical-bio and block-chain industry.

2020.02.11 19:25 조회 6


NKCL Bio Group Inc. is a developer of platform-based commerce and block-chain started as a laboratory that researched NK immune cell for more than 11 years.

GK global group who has NKCL Bio Group Inc. as its subsidiary, has carried businesses in major cities in China before, by managing GK Medical Center. NKCL is its first project to extend its business to bio industry.

NKCL Bio group utilizes NK cells and runs immune care platform that provides personalized services to individuals. NK cell, an immune cell recognized as a next generation cancer treatment,has powerful function to spot and instantly destroy viruses and bacteria from the external sources as well as malignant cells that is created inside the body. NKCL provides treatment that extracts these NK cells from a patient’s blood in order to cultivate and vitalize them outside the patient’s body. Then they are injected back into the patient as a form of a ringer injection. As a result, the patient’s body can overcome cancer and other diseases by providingthe treatment that increases immunity. 

Conventional cancer treatments include resection surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy. Conventional cancer treatments may be effective in eliminating simple cancer cells, but they also harm normal cells, accompanied by a variety of side effects and aftereffects. However, if immune-cell therapy, which is widely seen as the fourth-generation cancer treatment, is used, it is expected to have a great synergy effect, such as eliminating cancer cells that have not been completely removed and preventing recurrence and metastasis of cancer.

NKCL has original technology regarding NK cell cultivation and procedure. Whereas existing medical institutions can produce 2 to 400 million cells, NKCL can produce 2 to 4 billion cells on average. In addition, NKCL is developing an automation system that introduces targeted treatment (a technology that accurately destroys pre-entered target cancer cells) and artificial intelligence.

NK cell cultivate automation system is a technology that automates the cultivation of NK cells by introducing artificial intelligence to find the optimal cultivate environment for NK cell cultivation, and it is about to realize the quantification and popularization of NK cell therapy. The automation system is a facility certified by GMP and will consist of a cultivation line, a control environment change line and a transport line. 

The entire line is managed through the Manufacturing Execution System (MES), and all medical records, including production history, cultivate environment, cultivation result and patient procedure data, are kept as big data by blockchain technology. NKCL is also planning to expand its recorded medical data into a "medical big data trading platform." 

In June 2019, the government selected the bio health industry as one of the top three industries and decided to expand government support in the big data R&D sector from 2.6 trillion won a year to more than 4 trillion won by 2025. This is why NKCL, which is planning to build a big medical platform by combining the medical bio industry and blockchain industry, is receiving more attention.

On the NKCL medical big data platform, customers' medical data will be managed and operated more safely and quickly, not as a public blockchain accessible to anyone, but as a private blockchain where only separately certified participants can participate in the server. Customers can receive financial compensation by providing their own medical data, and medical providers such as medical institutions and pharmaceutical companies produce virtuous cycles that contribute to medical development such as patient-customized care and R&D through corresponding medical data.

In addition, NKCL is expected to use NKCL Token, which is issued, as a payment method on NKCL platforms such as hospitals, anti-cancer centers, anti-aging centers, cell-beauty dermatology, and various online and offline shopping malls.

"It is an honor for NKCL to lead the new paradigm industry," said Shin Dong-hwa, chairman of NKCL. "NKCL will further specialize in each part by separating and operating corporations in each sector."

The corporation of NKCL is divided and operated by NKCL Global Foundation, which is responsible for the distribution and distribution of NKCL Coins, NKCL Bio, which focuses on research and development of immune cells and has the source technology of immune cells. In particular, NKCL International is seeking listing on the main boards of the United Kingdom, Malaysia and others.