NKCL Master, the first Korea based project to be listed in Coinsbit exchange.

2020.02.19 17:21 조회 129

NKCL Global Foundation’s (Hereinafter referred to as ‘NKCL Foundation’) NKCL Master Coin will be listed in Coinsbit exchange (hereinafter referred to as ‘Coinsbit’) on February 19th as its first Korea based coin.

coinsbit listing.jpg

Coinsbit exchange was founded in 2018 at Tallinn, Estonia’s capital city. It is a Nordic-based exchange that has global users. Coinsbit exchange recorded 2nd to 3rd highest daily trading volume in Coin Market Cap with more than 3 billion dollars exchanged per day, and constantly keeping its rank within the top ten. Seven to eight thousand users newly register every day on average, and thanks to the referral program, around six hundred thousand to one million users including new users are trading in Coinsbit. In addition, users can simply use credit card and Fiat money to purchase the cryptocurrency without any mediator, which is its major strength and distinct feature.

NKCL Foundation has recently upgraded its coin to ‘NKCL Master(NKCLM)’. It is used as an utility coin for bio-platform and other eco-systems. Through this upgrade, it has added Pay function and additional security function so that other than simple transfer function, the fee policy for the payment at the store and the compensation policy for the users are implemented. NKCL Master Coin, its name suggests, will take a central part in the NKCL products as well as all the NKCL’s brand coins that will be issued.

Meanwhile, NKCL has been steadily moving forward. It has opened a ceremony for construction start of Automated Cultivation System, signed MOA with a hospital at Qingdao, China, and sponsored Oscar Viewing Party in Hollywood to expand into U.S. market. Especially, NKCL is focusing on expanding its certifications for NK Cell Automated System in Dongtan. It is proceeding to be certified with GMP all around the world, including KGMP in Korea, cGMP in U.S. and other developed nations, and EU-GMP in Europe. Starting from Korea, NKCL is increasing its brand value globally.