NKCL Bio Group will culturally promote its brand with Bold Film, the maker of the movie ‘Whiplash’.

2020.02.27 14:39 조회 39

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Richard Walters, the producer of Bold Films (Left) and Shin Dong-Hwa, the chairman of NKCL Bio Group (Right)

NKCL Bio Group Inc. (Hereinafter referred to as ‘NKCL Bio Group’) is Korean bio-enterprise that researches and develops Immune Cell Treatment that utilizes NK Immune Cells. It targets world-wide Anti-Cancer market that worth 100 billion dollar as well as Anti-aging and Beauty markets. NKCL Bio Group held a ceremony for starting the construction of GMP Automated Cell Cultivation System to establish the foundation for popularizing NK Immune Cell Treatment. In 2020 this year the company is focusing on raising its brand value.


On February 9th, NKCL Bio Group sponsored Oscar Viewing Awards to promote its brand. Oscar Viewing Awards is the after party that many VIPs and top stars attend in order to celebrate as well as continue business meetings. NKCL Bio group had overcome high entry level of Hollywood and was invited to the event. As the main sponsor of Oscar Viewing Awards, demonstrated its technology and competitiveness. Especially as Director Bong Joon-Ho wins four Oscars with the movie ‘Parasite’,  Korean brand NKCL had gathered a lot of attention from attendants.



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Through this main sponsorship, NKCL Bio Group had established various connections to Hollywood actors, producers and film makers in the movie industry, and it will continue the business meetings and MOU world-wide. Among many love calls, NKCL had made a first collaboration with Bold Films. Bold Films was founded in 2004, based in LA, is the maker of the movie Whiplash which won 140 awards world-wide. NKCL Bio Group had a business meeting with the producer of Bold Films, Richard Walters in LA on February 10th.


Owing to the success of Bong Joon-Ho’s Parasite winning 4 Oscar awards, product placements sponsored in the movie and the film distributors of Parasite have also had a positive impact. Ram-dong (Ramen+udong) had a direct increase in sales just by shown in the movie. According to the food industry statistics, the sales of ‘Jjapaghetti’ of the second quarter last year had marked top third most sold instant noodle with 45 billion and 128 million KRW. ‘Neoguri’ marked 8th with 20 billion and 920 million KRW. However, in third quarter last year, ‘Jjapaghetti’ had sold 47 billion and 798 million KRW and ‘Neoguri’ sold 23 billion and 250 million KRW. The sales amount for both products had increased by 2 billion KRW. Also, with the world-wide sensation of ‘Jjapaguri’ the companies had gained major growth engine to target global market. This shows product placement in the films and dramas is known as a highly effective method of promotion at a low cost. If a brand image matches with a hit movie, the company can get tremendous marketing effects than a regular advertisement. This is the reason why NKCL Bio Group is implementing a strategy to promote culturally through these contents.


NKCL’s Immune Care products are expected to enter the movie screen through the movies made by Bold Films. Through mutually collaborating in Bold Film’s infrastructure of actors, celebrity, and influencers, a full-scale promotion is also planned ahead.

The first business collaboration of NKCL Bio Group and Bold Films will take place in India. India has the world largest film producing industry with a nickname, Bollywood (a combination of the old British name Bombay and Hollywood.) With the second largest population on earth, 1,907 movies were made in 2015 alone, which contrast to 791 movies were made in U.S. on the same year.

NKCL team is already holding an exhibition event in India with the parties concerned. In March 10th next month, NKCL’s board of directors are planning to visit Indonesia in person to fully discuss the publicity strategy.

The chairman of NKCL Bio Group’s Shin Dong-Hwa had said, “At this moment when Korea’s cultural status is held high, NKCL Bio Group will not only promote Korea’s competitive technology, but also will create a cultural value of NKCL’s Immune-Care Platform through collaboration with cultural resources.”