[Project Announcement] NKCL Project direction: NKCLM Burning

2020.08.11 13:41 조회 79

Hello. This is NKCL Bio Group Inc.

1. Creating NKCLM Ecosystem

The immune care products of NKCL Platform is only available in NKCLM, to strengthen the token economy.


2. NKCLM Burning

In order to stabilize the NKCLM’s market price, NKCLM burning will take place as promised. 

A part of foundation owned amount will be burned each month for 3 times, from the original issued amount of 100 million.


The first burning will commence on August 19, 2020. The 20% of total amount, which is 20,000,000(20 million), will be burned.

As for the second and third burning, the date and amount will be announced on September and October each.

※ It does not affect the amount owned by NKCLM holders. 

   The burning will be in Foundation owned wallets which are meant to serve for their own purposes.

※ Record of Burning will be available in Etherscan later on.


The foundation will focus on creating an ecosystem and put the best efforts on increasing the value of NKCLM.


Thank you very much.