[1st NKCLM burning completion announcement]

2020.08.19 15:18 조회 88
[1st NKCLM burning completion announcement]

20 Million issued NKCLM, which is 20% of total 100 million issued NKCLM, has burned on August 19th, 2020. The burn up record can be checked through Etherscan. 
(NKCLM incineration TxID: 0x260be5facdc7ad6bbcf5eab56915df9b83b001dc8edde9879c9cdbae8e4fd9d2)

※Notice that it will only be burned for the purpose from the foundation’s wallet, not from the NKCLM holders. Those NKCLM of holders will not be affected. 

2nd and 3rd burning will be held on September and October and detailed date and burning amounts will be announced later. 

In the future, the foundation will focus on organizing the NKCLM ecosystem and do the best to increase the value of NKCLM. 

Thank you.