NKCL Bio Group Inc. wins the Future Management Award 2020 Korea as a prominent bio-company

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NKCL Bio Group has won 2020 Korea Future Management Award in Promising Bio company category.

Korea Future Management is to discover and honor the people, companies, and organizations who have outstanding competence in various section of the society, which is organized by The Korea Herald, and Herald Economy, and supervised by Power Korea Monthly, in order to widely broadcast such group of people. NKCL Bio Group has been ranked with major companies that represent Korea and awarded together with outstanding companies like Starbucks, GS Retail, etc.

NKCL is a Korean Bio-company that research and develops NK immunocyte treatment using NK immune cells, which are widely seen as one of the driving forces of the fourth next-generation industry.

Through its differentiated technology competitiveness, NKCL Bio Group is targeting the $100 billion immune cell therapy market. In particular, the group is focusing on popularizing NK immune cell therapy by expanding facilities and systems of NK cell culture automation system in which artificial intelligence (AI) is applied. Reflecting the ‘Untact’ era, the GMP automation system can prevent human error in advance by controlling the incubation process with artificial intelligence while at the same time blocking the external threats such as virus infection, and can block the outflow of high-tech due to manpower outflow. This solves the scarcity of advanced personnel at the cultivation center, and increases productivity by more than 100 times which vastly decreases the production cost.

Earlier this year, the company also carried out active overseas projects with the aim of expanding to the global market. It made inroads into overseas markets with the same direction as in Korea, including hospital business in Qingdao, China, brand promotion and business in Hollywood, the U.S., and the establishment of GMP in Jakarta, Indonesia.

After the Corona was expanded, the company is focusing on domestic activities that were carried out simultaneously with its overseas business. In Korea, hospitals in Suwon, Gwangju, and Gimpo, Gyeonggi Province, are in the process of preparing necessary for immuno-cell therapy after signing MOA with NKCL, and NKCL continues to select cooperative partners among domestic hospitals that want to collaborate on immuno-cell treatment. In addition, about 60 NKCL Immune Cafes and NKCL Immune Care Centers will be established in various parts of the country under the theme of programs and products that boost immunity, and 10 in Seoul, 5 in Gyeonggi Province, and 8 in Busan have already signed contracts with applicants from different regions.


In this time when personal health and immunity is the most important concern, NKCL Bio Group is focusing on NKCL branding, releasing a series of products that show technology, color and identity. Products include: ‘NK Blue Bio recombination Cream & Fill mask’, ‘NK Immune Toner, Cream and Serum’, ‘NK microfilm and NK Dual Effect Regen Pack’, ‘NK Cordycep Gold 300’ and ‘NK Rest Brain’. Various immunity boosting products will be introduced.

NKCL Bio Group is focusing on solidifying domestic infrastructure in the second half of 2020, and the next goal is to establish the 2nd GMP automated culture center, NKCL anti-aging center and NKCL anti-cancer center. In addition, we are constantly devoting our energies to research to realize the vision of establishing an international center by applying the proven system to many countries around the world.

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