[Completed] NKCL 1 Million Dollar Relay Winning 1st Project!

2019.12.09 21:18 조회 90


A total of 1 Million dollars ($1,000,000) Relay Winning 1st project!

Participating in NKCL To-the-Moon event and the receiving NKCL prize?

Out of the NKCL To-the-Moon Event participants,

100 participants will receive $1,000 worth of NKCL DNA Navigator by draw!


What is the NKCL DNA Navigator?

It is a DNA examination kit that provides a personal genetic analysis service. 

It provides not only the risks and occurrence possibility measurement for each disease 

but also the management and prevention methods.

Through DNA Navigator, establish a database of individual genetic information 

and start your customized personal genetic characteristic management!

It will be your basic information to live healthy 150 years!!!!!  

1) Qualification: NKCL To-the-Moon Event participants

2) Prize detail: NKCL DNA Navigator $100,000 ($1,000*100 participants)

3) Event schedule: 2019.12.10~12.16 11:59p.m. (UTC+8)

4) Winner announcement: 2019.12. 24 11:00a.m. (UTC+8)

5) How to participate: Access the URL address below.



The NKCL's events will continue! So stay tuned with the NKCL announcements!


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