NKCL Bio Group had relocated the head office to Dongtan, Korea on May 28th, 2020

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Construction site on May 9th




Despite the delay in acquiring materials due to COVID-19 crisis, the construction went smoothly according to the plan. NKCL's GMP authorized Automated NK Cell Cultivation Center will not only act as a research and development, but also carry out office works and logistics. Therefore it will become the 'One-stop' center that carries out all duties regarding immune cell therapy in a one place. 

NKCL's users visiting the new office on May 25th

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Before moving the headquarter to the new office in Dongtan, NKCL's users had visited the new office on May 25th. NKCL's signature color streched along the corridor represented our future with full of promises. The new office has a seminar room that can house more than 100 people, NKCL cafe where users can use as a community area to enjoy, and NK Rest Brain (NKCL's product) testing area. 

Office relocation is completed on May 29th





NKCL had relocated its headquarter to Dongtan Korea on May 29th. The office works will start first to prepare for the Automated Cell Cultivation System. As for GMP Automated Cell Cultivation Center, it is currently being made from the outside according to the plan. About 70% of the process is finished. Depending upon the completion rate, the 'on-site' assembly is planned ahead in Dongtan. The office in Seoul still remains. It will be used for another customer center and logistics center.