NKCL Bio Group to launch ‘NK Cordycep Gold 300’ – the immunity boosting functional food

2020.06.16 15:14 조회 144



Followed by ‘NK Blue Bio Series’, NKCL Bio Group launched ‘NK Cordycep Gold 300’, the anti-cancer and immunity enhancement functional food.

‘NK Cordycep Gold 300’ is a rice powder in which cordycepin is grown within the rice. Cordycepin is a major ingredient of Cordyceps Millitaris. It is known as a natural antibiotic and immunity boosting materials and known to have a great effect on anti-cancer, anti-aging, immunity enhancement, treating obesity, improving liver function, skin care and so on.

U.S. FDA had approved cordycepin as a treatment for leukemia, and cordycepin is now traded in the market for an expensive price of $691 per 0.1g.

Since the early work of Cunningham et al. (1951), researchers around the world actively studied and proved the effectiveness of Cordycepin.

The cordyceps mushroom has been popular in Asia for its healing effects. Recent study had discovered how it could prevent diseases and many news media had reported on it. The research team divided flu virus-infected mice into two groups, and provided one group with the cordyceps extract and the other with just plain water. After 13 days, the entire group that drank the extract survived, while more than half of the group that drank only water, didn't. The researchers discovered that cordycepin kills off virus-infected cells. On top of that, the amount of NK cells increased by over four times when the cordyceps extract was consumed.

Human clinical trials with cordycepin produced similar results. The research team of Korean Rural Development Administration invited 78 Adult males and conducted study for 4 weeks. They were divided into two groups and one group was provided with cordyceps extracts. There had been 11% increase in NK cell activation and 27% increase in lymphocyte among the adult males who took cordyceps extract.

‘Natural Killer Cells – NK cells’ have a function to automatically detect and destroy the bacteria and malignant cells. NK cells are known to directly destroying virus and tumors, which are the cells that exhibit ‘abnormal behaviors.’ They are responsible for innate immunity of our body. When ‘NK Cordycep Gold 300’ is used in parallel with NK immune cell treatment of NKCL Bio Group for combating cancer, we anticipate that two will have a synergy effect to vastly increase the anti-cancer ability of the patients.

NKCL’s ‘NK Corydcep Gold 300’ is different than cordyceps mushroom coated rice products that already exist in the market. Conventional products are produced by grinding the mushrooms and coating the powder on the surface of a rice, whereas NKCL grows cordycepin in the rice as a whole. It is a world’s first method, which is patented, to use the rice as a medium to cultivate cordycepin. NKCL created a completely new concept of product. By using rice as a medium, the cordycepin level had increased by 5~10 times than those found in cordyceps mushroom. Because the cordyceps are grown in rice, it uses vegetable protein, so it has a better absorption in the body, whereas cordyceps mushroom uses animal protein. 

‘NK Cordycep Gold 300’ is produced with 100% genuine Korean rice. It is suitable for those who had been searching for natural diet supplement and adoptable for those who seek for better immunity and anti-cancer ability, and also, enhancing skins and weight control.

‘NK Cordycep Gold 300 is designed to use as a tea twice a day by pouring into a hot water. It has a unique sweet flavor that is enjoyable to everyone, so that it can be also put into food like rice or soup. NKCL is considering not only launching the ‘cordycepin rice powder’ but also launching the ‘cordycepin rice’. The rice with Cordycepin grown inside, titled as ‘Yellow Food’, has a potential to be applied to various products like confectionary, drinks, baby food, noodles, cosmetics, medicines, etc. 

Meanwhile, other than ‘NK Cordycep Gold 300’, NKCL will continue to launch various immune products. ‘NK Complete Cover Cushion’, a cushion pact that helps concealing the skin defects and ‘DNA Navigator’, a DNA diagnostic service that predicts the possible diseases are about to launch.

Also, the construction of GMP certified Automated NK immune cell cultivation system of 1,200 sqm scale, located in Dongtan, Korea, is in full swing. The process is heading towards the end. In order to prepare beforehand, NKCL had moved its headquarters and office to Dongtan on May 29th and started the business support. The automated system is currently being built from the outside according to the plan. About 70% of the process had been completed. The system will be assembled on the site. On the other hand, NKCL office in Seoul will be operated as a separate logistics hub and the customer center.

In this time of COVID-19 crisis, the importance of the immunity is highly emphasized. With many progresses like Automated Immune Cell Cultivation center, product launch, and MOU with hospitals, NKCL is leading the mass popularization of ‘Personalized Immune Care Platform’