[Completion of the 3rd NKCLM Burning]

2020.10.12 18:12 조회 149
Followed by the 1st NKCLM Burning(August 19th 2020) and 2nd NKCLM Burning(September 25th 2020), NKCLM amount of sales made by NKCL Bio Group on September, had been completely burned on October 12th 2020. 

NKCLM burned amount, which is sales made on September: 366,163 NKCLM

※ The Burning history can be found in Etherscan. (NKCLM Burning TxID: 0xbfb7068b6ea8f82ea5f11d1c6e7aa529926925dbdbe8536b744c9755c3a26285
※ The Burning took place only in the wallets owned by the foundation and does not affect NKCLM owned by the holders.

Our foundation will focus all the effort on creating the ecosystem and increasing the value of NKCLM.

Thank you for using our services.

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