NKCL Competitiveness

What makes NKCL so revolutionary?
NKCL is a Patient customized technology that has been thinking and studying patients for 11 years.
Introducing NKCL's unique competitiveness.
1.Culture technology proved by culture number

In other medical institutions, an average of 200 to 300 million cells can be cultured in one cultivation, but NKCL can produce an average of 2 to 4 billion cells.
NKCL has built with 12 recipe databases for NK cell culture a culture environment optimized, resulting in more than 10 times higher culture efficiency.

2. Targeted treatment

Even if 2 to 4 billion NK cells are injected, only 10 to 20% reach cancer cells on average.
The reason is that, before reaching the cancer cells, it is dispersed into bad blood and other diseases in the blood, and it has a therapeutic effect.
KCL has developed technology to reach up to 70% or more of NK cells in certain cancers for therapeutic purposes.
It only maximizes the therapeutic effect by intensively attacking only cancer cells that cause life problems.

Before & After
3. Automation system combined with artificial intelligence

Developed an artificial intelligence automation system that finds the optimal culture environment by itself and realized mass production of NK cell culture.
We will increase production efficiency by 100 times compared to the existing methods that depended on specialized high-quality manpower, thereby reducing production costs and contributing to the popularization of NK cell therapy.

Automation system combined